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Marissa Phipps of Cleaning Galore LLC


Marissa Phipps, Owner & Experienced Cleaner

Hello and Welcome! I am Marissa, a professional home detailer and experienced cleaner. I am a natural born go-getter. I give 100% to every aspect of my life, especially in cleanliness. It’s my firm belief that a home or office space should be clean, sterile and tidy; which is why I insist on doing the deep cleaning you shouldn't have to do.

I am here for you! Take a moment to look around, and contact me directly to learn more. 

About Me:

I’m an experienced professional based in Denver, CO. My work is focused on carefully and diligently detailing your home or office to create a tidy, clean atmosphere for you to enjoy.

I started cleaning as a business after having a life-altering auto-accident that resulted in having to receive spinal surgery on my lower spine. I deeply cleaned my space to clear my head and pass the time. 

I’m happy to help you turn the 'cozy and clean' feeling on in your home or space! I do the type of cleaning You've Been Needing!

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Owner, CEO of CGLLC Marissa Phipps

Luxurious Cleaning

Opt into an elevated cleaning experience with your option of a lit candle OR a burning incense stick in your newly cleansed space.

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